How to find good tenants

Attracting and screening for responsible tenants

There are many good ways to increase the number of tenants that are interested in your property, and to successfully screen your applicants.
Rent With Pets offers the following tips for landlords.

Do your research

Find out what the majority of tenants in your area are looking for in a rental property and give them options to get what they want. Do tenants prefer two or three bedrooms; do they want furnished or unfurnished properties? How much are they willing to pay for extra services?

Tenants with pets may only consider pet friendly rental properties that are safe and secure for the furry members of their family.

Screening potential tenants

Consider engaging a property manager who can assist with landlord’s insurance, advertising, showing properties, running reference checks, reviewing pet resumes, responding to maintenance requests, conducting inspections and more.

When assessing tenants, remember that those who show responsible behaviour in some areas of the lives are usually responsible in other areas of their lives. For example, it would be rare to find a responsible pet owner having loud parties or destroying property, as these activities would disturb their pets.

Often the best way to screen potential tenants is to meet with them face to face. Or, if you prefer, you could have your agent to do this, and ask them to evaluate each applicant on a set of specific characteristics that are important to you.

Run social media checks. Do a tenant’s photos demonstrate care over their living conditions? Can social media verify what tenants say on their rental application?

Finally, landlords who self-manage their properties can use Tenancy Check to verify identity, credit history, rent defaults and more. []

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