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Sample Property Listing

How to Upload a Property Listing on Rent With Pets



Agent photo and contact information (use “My Account and Properties” tab on user dashboard)




Adding a property – address




Adding a property – inspection time and map





General information about your property




Adding a property - general information




Adding a property – photo gallery. Up to 12 photos can be added to showcase your property.




Adding a property – other information




Adding a property – Convenience (special features that make your rental property stand out)




Adding a property – Neighbourhood facilities.  What attracts your tenants to live in this location?




Adding a property – Pet friendly guidelines, furnished/unfurnished, parking options




Adding a property – tenancy length, availability timeframe.  Responsible pet ownership guidelines to help pet friendly landlords screen for responsible tenants




Adding a property - More features to market your rental property listing




Adding a property – optional criteria for shared accommodation




Adding a property – optional criteria for house sitting and pet sitting arrangements




Adding a property - optional criteria for listing pet friendly holiday homes




List of uploaded properties for your account.  Property listings can be edited here.




How properties appear in search results