Join Our Pledge

Our pledge for a more pet-friendly Australia:

  • Better rental laws in each state which support responsible pet owners.
  • Increase awareness around the surrenders of pets due to lack of accommodation and how we can all can help stop this.
  • Increasing awareness of being a responsible pet owner.
  • Increase awareness of the opportunities the responsible pet owner can bring to a rental property.

Join our pledge today

Rental laws are inconsistent between states and between different forms of housing. A national, strategic approach is needed to reduce the number of people who have to give up their pets to secure housing – especially now as we return to post-COVID “normal”.

With your support, we can work toward better rental laws in each state to support responsible pet owners and create a national rule, similar to the new rental regulations that came into effect in Victoria in March 2021, the ACT in August 2020 and the NT in January 2021.

We invite you to take the pledge to support our movement for pet friendly homes.

Contact your local MP to encourage pet friendly rental laws in your state to achieve the goal of no surrenders due to rental refusal! Here’s a sample letter. (Word format). For individual state legislation changes:  NSW Qld SA Tas WA

Download Rent with Pets resources and share on social media with hashtags #RentwithPets and #forpetfriendlyhomes to help raise awareness.

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