Single dad forced to surrender his dog after losing his job and home

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. Very soon after losing my job, I received a notice to vacate from my home of 11 years — the only house my 14-year-old son Kenan could remember.
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Suddenly, we were staring down the barrel of homelessness. And to make matters worse, our beloved Greyhound Kara wouldn’t be able to come with us as we moved into emergency housing. It hit Kenan pretty hard when we made the decision that we’d probably have to give Kara away. And personally, I knew I’d be lost without her. She helps me a lot with my anxiety and getting through each day.

Thankfully, my case worker got in contact with Lort Smith to see if they could help. Lort Smith often works with the Department of Human Services on special cases where they provide emergency boarding for pets of people experiencing homelessness or are moving into emergency accommodation to escape family violence.

By a happy coincidence, I was able to secure some casual work across the road from Lort Smith Campbellfield Clinic. Every day at lunchtime, I would pop over the road to visit Kara and take her for a walk.

All the people in Campbellfield are so beautiful. It was such a relief to know Kara was being so well cared for. While in the care of Lort Smith, Kara was desexed, vaccinated and given injections for her arthritis. When I’m back at work and on my feet, I’d love to be able to pay off everything they did for her so that the next person who is in my position can get the same help that we got.

I’m happy to say that I was able to find new pet-friendly accommodation and my family was reunited. Kenan was so rapt when he found out we were getting Kara back! Despite all the hard times, I’m looking on the bright side — that we’re all still together!

Karsten , VIC
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