Young couple looking to rent turned away because of their dog

Ellie is a beautiful 7-year-old yellow Labrador Retriever who my husband and I adopted in 2022 after she retired from a breeding program. She is the sweetest soul I have ever met and is the most polite house guest.
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Ellie has never had an accident indoors and we’ve never even heard her bark! The most noise we get from her is a big sigh or a little squeak while she’s yawning.

We went into the adoption process with Ellie knowing full well that in order to have her, we would need to move out of our current accommodation, which was not pet friendly. This was something that we were absolutely prepared to do but were surprised by how hard it was.

We went to viewings where there were over 100 people lining up down the street to view the property. Some property managers wouldn’t even accept an application from us due to our pet. Others noted that if we had a non-shedding or smaller dog then we’d have a higher chance, but a Labrador was a big ‘NO’.

We applied for over 20 places and didn’t stand a chance. Finally, we took the first place that approved us which took over two months to find. Unfortunately, our new rental does not meet all of our needs and we will need to move again in the future.

Courtney , NSW
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