House-hunting tips for pet owners

Ideas and strategies for finding a pet-friendly property

There is a shortage of pet friendly rental properties in Australia, which means finding a pet-friendly rental home can be frustrating.
Most landlords have pets themselves and love animals as much as their tenants do. However, many pet owner landlords are cautious about accepting pets in rental properties for a variety of reasons:

• Previous negative experience with a tenant’s pets
• Inexperience with choosing responsible pet owner tenants
• Difficulty getting insurance for accidental pet damage
• Greater maintenance for a pet-friendly home

It’s worth remembering, responsible pet owners who pay rent on time and get along well with neighbours have a much better chance of renting their choice of home.

Look further afield

It could pay to broaden the range of suburbs in which you’re prepared to settle. Areas further from city centres tend to have more properties suitable for pets, and more pet-friendly landlords. Also consider alternative living arrangements; sharing a home with other pet owners increases your choices.

Consider holiday homes

If you have a short timeframe for house hunting, consider renting a pet friendly holiday home for a temporary period. Many holiday homes, hotels, caravan parks, and cabins welcome pets, and it buys you time to search for a long-term pet friendly rental. Remember to ask about cancellation policies in case you find long-term accommodation sooner than expected.

Swot up on strata living

When considering strata properties, check the by-laws to see whether pets are permitted. If necessary, lodge a pet application to the strata before you move in. Strata laws are evolving to make it easier for owner-occupiers and tenants to have pets in strata units.
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