Putting things into purr-spective

Why are some pet-friendly properties so expensive?

Homes in Australia are expensive compared to other countries, especially near capital cities.
This has resulted in approximately two-thirds of rental properties in Australia being negatively geared, meaning the rent is not enough to cover a landlord's mortgage payments and rental expenses.

High maintenance costs of pet-friendly rentals

Some properties are advertised with higher rent for tenants with pets compared to those without pets. This reflects the extra costs of maintaining a pet friendly home, such as replacing urine-stained carpets, sanding scratched floorboards, fixing chewed doors, filling holes dug up by dogs and patching up fences.

Property management fees can also be more expensive if a property manager needs to attend to a pet friendly rental property more often for maintenance, or to investigate concerns about a tenant’s pets.

Insurance and bonds

Most landlord insurance does not cover accidental damage to homes caused by pets.

Landlords in most Australian states are not allowed to charge a “pet bond” to cover the higher costs associated with accepting pets in rental properties. Pet-loving landlords are left to refuse pets, charge more rent or lose money on repairs.

Pets are part of the family

Since many tenants consider pets part of the family, landlords also consider pets as additional family members/tenants on a lease. The more people and animals that live in a pet-friendly rental property, the more time and money needed to maintain the home to a standard that is safe for all tenants.

Obligation to allow pets?

In many parts of Australia, landlords are not required to accept pets in rental properties. In fact, a property owner is not obligated to rent the property to any tenant at all.

Pet friendliness is like any other desirable rental property features offered by landlords, such as air conditioning and furnishings, that tenants would expect to pay higher rent for. Paying for the privilege to enjoy a home with pets is much better than not being able to have pets at all! Enjoying a comfortable home with the furry members of our family is great value for money.

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