Unable to have a four-legged companion because of ‘no pets’ policy

I was the type of child that was constantly bringing home new pets; it used to drive my mum crazy!
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I think over the years, I brought home about three kittens and one puppy, all from friends whose pets had litters. My mum would get so mad at me, but I knew that she would very quickly fall in love and let me keep them. So, our house was always full of pets!

It has definitely been an adjustment in my adult life not being able to have pets of my own, and this is completely down to not being able to find a rental property that will allow me to have one. In my current rental property, which I’ve lived in for almost three years, I’ve never specifically asked my landlord if he would allow me to get a pet because it was outlined on my lease agreement that they weren’t allowed.

I have been thinking a lot lately about trying to find myself a pet friendly apartment, particularly during COVID lockdowns. I’ve often thought how nice it would be to have a puppy or kitten to keep me company, as I do live alone. But the issue is not wanting to compromise on location, and a lot of the pet friendly apartments that I’ve seen are in areas that are a bit outside of where I would prefer to live.

Deb, NSW
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