Pets need to be more accepted in crisis accommodation

I am a support worker for people who are homeless or at risk of being homeless. We have transitional accommodation for clients.
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Clients who are homeless and have pets find they are a great comfort and sometimes the only constant in their life, also the only thing that loves them unconditionally.

There is a huge shortage of emergency crisis accommodation in our region. Also, there’s a massive demand for rental properties from people moving from interstate which has pushed the price up and the availability of rentals in the market is very tight. Our clients are not on the top of the pile when it comes to applications for rentals.

There are many families that require the assistance of services to look after their pets, not all of them have family who can take them in for them if they get temporary accommodation.

The AWLQ have been fabulous to work with in getting pets cared for in the short term. Unfortunately, the pets are often needing care for a few months not weeks and there is a shortage of long-term care available.

I would love to see pets more readily accepted in rentals and crisis accommodation.

Tui, QLD
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